Mutant Chasers Issue #1 Variant A
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Mutant Chasers Issue #1 Variant A      

About Book

Cover by DC Artist- Ken Lashley and Marvel Colorist- Edgar Delgado - Limited

Written by Sam Wallace and Be Amazed Studios

Art by Vincenzo Cucca

Colors by Erick Arciniega

Page Count : 28

In this new innovative series Mutant Chasers, Alex, Marcus, Alicia, Chelsea and Niel are on the run to escape Scientec and the Mutant Syndicate! With little to no time to figure out how to use their powers, members of Scientec’s squad bombard the young chasers.Where can they hide? Elsewhere, at Scientec's headquarters, his newly mutant recruit Zander learns that his older brother Alex is responsible for their parent’s death. How will he react when they come face to face? Also discover the true effects of Scientec’s orb and what it really did to the kids. Be on the look out for what happens when the chasers decides not to hide anymore. Be Amazed Studios refresh the concept of mutants! 

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Mutant Chasers Issue #1 Variant A

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